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Dolphin Stuff Animal / Amigurumi Art


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Sheep amigurumi/Crocheted Sheep Stuffed Animal/Sheep Art


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Grizzly Bear Amigurumi/Crochet Grizzly Bear/Stuffed Grizzly Bear Animal


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Llama Amigurumi /Crochet animal llama/Toy llama


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Unicorn Ballerina Amigurumi/Stuffed Animal/Crochet Fantasy Animal Art


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Golden Lab Puppy Amigurumi/Crochet Lab Puppy/Lab Puppy Toy


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White Crochet Dog Stuff Animal/Amigurumi/ crochet dog


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Donkey/Burro Crochet Stuffed Animal


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Crochet Fawn/Deer Stuffed Animal



Hello, I am Chris and am delighted to offer unique one of a kind crochet items,specializing in amigurumi stuffed animals
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