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Chipmunk Amigurumi Art/Crochet Chipmunk Toy,Woodland Crochet Chipmunk.


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Desert Camel Amigurumi/Crocheted Camel/Stuff Camel Animal/Toy camel


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Chimpanzee Amigurumi/Stuffed Monkey Animal/ Monkey Toy/African Chimpanzee


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Zebra Amigurumi/Crochet Zebra Stuff Animal/Zebra Art


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African Lion Amigurumi/Lion crochet Animal/Stuffed lion toy/Big Cats toy animal


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Tiger Amigurumi/Crochet tiger/Toy Tiger stuffed animal


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Cat Crochet Stuffed Animal/Amigurumi Cat Art/Savannah African Cat



Hello, I am Chris and am delighted to offer unique one of a kind crochet items,specializing in amigurumi stuffed animals
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